For every bottle purchased we donate to to provide 5 months of Safe Water to People who need it. 


Water Is Life

Craft spirits that change lives. When you buy a bottle of small-batch, ultra-premium spirits from Social Still, you are helping to empower families in the developing world with access to safe water—giving hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. 

buy a drink.  give a drink.

 We partnered up with to give families in need access to safe water.  Join us in our mission to provide safe water for everyone on the planet.  

Every bottle purchased provides someone in the developing world access to safe water for 5 months.  Our donation is $.25/ per bottle purchased.  


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#wedontsuck encouraging people around the world to stop using plastic straws.  

Plastic Straws

More than 500 million straws are thrown away each day in the U.S. alone.  The restaurant and distillery at Social Still is committed to make a difference to the environment.  We have decided that we do not offer plastic straws in any of our drinks.  We have created a compostable stirrer that is made from renewable bamboo to reduce the footprint our business creates.  We are also committed to providing re-useable or compostable bags for all of our sales.  These small steps could be just the change the planet needs to begin to heal.  #wedontsuck is our commitment to removing 45,000 straws a year from our oceans landfills, and waterways.  A plastic straw never breaks down and will remain on this earth forever.  Please commit with us to a bright future and a cleaner planet and request "no straw please"